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  • 1/24/2023 David French  wrote:

  • I use 10 and 12lb tippet for salmon. But some guys use 6lb.

  • 1/24/2023 Tom Bachey  wrote:

  • Thanks, David and Tom! David - do you use 4 lb fluoro for big king salmon too? I would be surprised. but then, I am not very experienced with bigger fish on the fly. Tom - I will be fishing for reds and specks in February in Louisiana, and I have 30 and 20 lb fluoro for that.

  • 1/21/2023 David French  wrote:

  • Hi, This is what I have done for many years. (It works for me). For trout I like 5x-4lb fluorocarbon tippet. I use the Uni knot to the fly and for attaching the fluro to the mono I use the seaguar knot. I also use the uni knot as a jam knot sometimes on larger leaders. By the way I pretty much use this method for Michigan King Salmon fishing also.

  • 1/21/2023 Tom Britton  wrote:

  • Tom,
    I'm no expert but I would think it would have more to do with how 6X vs 3X presents the fly. As far as knots go I'm currently using 30lb fluorocarbon for tippet in saltwater and no problem with knots. I've just made sure they are set.

  • 1/18/2023 Tom Bachey  wrote:

  • Fluorocarbon is supposed to be the best, right? Excellent abrasion resistance, good strength, invisible in the water and impervious to high and low temperatures, unlike mono or nylon. So, my question is, if it is invisible in the water, is there a need to go with 4x, 5x, or even 6x tippet if the fish cannot see it? Why not use 3x for added strength for those bigger fish? I had someone tell me that fluorocarbon does not hold knots well, that they pull apart. Is that true? Anyone use fluorocarbon exclusively? Inquiring minds want to know!!