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Bob Ireton brings together his experience in fly fishing, aquatic entomology, and knowledge of fly tying techniques and materials, to design and tie durable and effective flies.

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   Volume 5,  Issue7                                                               July  2004

Fly, Text, and Photography by Bob Ireton

Give that fish the ‘Green Weenie’! Tie this fly a bit fuller, and it becomes the ‘Fat Frank’! Seriously, this attractor pattern is very easy to tie, and the fish just have to try it! Looks like this fly came from Pennsylvania in the mid 1980’s tied for trout. However, it will attract a lot more than trout. Use your imagination, and tie some variations, and then see what happens!


Hook – Daiichi 1720, Mustad 9672, Dai-Riki 710, Orvis 1520, or equivalent streamer hook.
Size – 10-12.
Thread – 6/0 Chartreuse.
Weight – Lead wire.
Body – Fluorescent chartreuse chenille.

TYING STEPS click on pictures for larger view

1 – Place the hook properly in the vice. Mash down barb, if desired. For this fly, I am using a size 10 Daiichi 1720. Attach the thread behind the hook eye, and as always, lay on a good thread base, stopping at the barb. Tie a half hitch.
2 – Weight is optional. I have wrapped .020 lead wire around the center half of the shank.
3 – Build a thread ramp on both ends of the lead. Then evenly cover the lead with thread, and cover the thread with Dave’s Flexament. Bring the thread rearward, and tie a half hitch above the barb.
4 – Tie in the chenille. I am using a medium ultra chenille in fluorescent chartreuse. You could use green, yellow, or probably any color. Tie a half hitch.
5 – Form a small loop with the chenille. It can be horizontal, or vertical. Tie it in with several wraps of thread, then bring the thread forward, and tie a half hitch behind the hook eye.
6 - Palmer the chenille forward with close wraps, forming a nice body. Secure with several thread wraps, then tie a half hitch.
7 – Snip off the excess chenille. Form a head, tie a couple of half hitches against the body, then tie a whip finish, wrapping the thread forward toward the hook eye. Snip off the working thread. Coat the thread with Dave’s Flexament, or head cement.

© 2004 Robert R. Ireton, II


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