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General Use Tiemco Mustad Daiichi Orvis Partridge Shank Weight Eye Bend
Dry Fly 100   1100 JA4864   S 1XF TDO PW
Dry Fly 101   1110 JA4641 K1A S 1XF SO PW
Dry Fly 102Y         S 1XF TD SW
Dry Fly 103BL         S 1XF TD PW
Egg Fly/Glo Bug 105         7XS 2XS S SR
Nymph/Terrestrial 200R 80050BR 1270 JA1510 K12ST 3XLC S S Y
Caddis Pupae 205BL         3XLC S TU W
Nymph 206BL         2XSC 1XF TU S
Caddis Pupae 207BL         3XLC 2XH TU W
Wet Fly/Nymph 2302         2XLC S TD P
Nymph/Terrestrial 2312         2XLC 1XF S P
Caddis Pupae 2457         2XSC 2XH TD SW
Caddis 2487         2XSC 1XF TD SW
Streamer/Bucktail 300   2340 JA1511 CS17 6XL 1XH TD S
Wet Fly/Nymph 3761         1XL 2XH TD S
Wet Fly/Nymph 3769       SH1 S 2XH TD S
Swimming Nymph 400T 80150BR 1770 JA1512 K6ST 3XLC 1XF S S
Salt Water Fly 411S         SU 2XH S O
Midge/Trico 500U         2XS S TU S
Dry Fly 501         1XS S S S
Popper 511S 90233S       4XL S S SW
Dry Fly 5210 80000BR 1180 JA1523   S 1XF TD P
Dry Fly/Nymph 5212 94831 1280 JA1638 H1A 2XL 2XF TD P
Dry Fly 5230 AC94833
    L4A S 3XF TD P
Streamer/Nymph 5262         2XL 2XH TD P
Streamer/Nymph 5263         3XL 2XH TD P
Dry Fly 531         2XS 2XF TD P
Wet Fly/Nymph 700       SH2 1XL 1XH TD L
Salmon/Steelhead 707         1XL 1XH TDL L
Dry Fly/Salmon 7989 9049       1XL 1XF TUL L
Salmon 7999 AC36890
2441 JA1645   1XL 1XH TUL L
Salmon 800B         S 1XH S O
Salt Water Fly 800S 34007 2546 JA9034   S 1XH S O
Bass Bug/Stinger 8089 80300BR       2XL 1XF S W
Salt Water Fly 811S         S 2XH S O
Dry Fly 900BL         S 1XF TD PW
Dry Fly 921 94838       2XS 1XF TD P
DryFly/Wet/Nymph 9300         S 1XH TD PW
Streamer 9395         4XL 3XH S S
Streamer/Nymph 947BL         3XLU S TD S



Shank Weight Eye Bend
S=Standard S=Standard TD=Turned Down A=Aberdeen
XS=Extra Short XF=Extra Fine TU=Turned Up W=Wide Gap
XL=Extra Long XH=Extra Heavy S=Straight/Ringed P=Perfect/Round
C=Curved F=Flat/Eyed R=Reversed
D=Bent Down  L=Loop C=Continuous
U=Bent Up O=Oversize S=Sproat
U=Undersize O=O’Shaughnessy

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